Weston-Super-Mare Guest Houses

On the banks of the famous Bristol Channel in North Somerset is found the seaside resort town of Weston super Mare, popular among tourists for the many beach activities and traditional coastal curio markets. Old Victorian buildings line the straight streets and beachfront where many of the Weston super Mare guest houses are situated and offer superb views along long golden sandy beaches. The town is famous for its buzzing nightlife and endless tourist attractions including the Grand Pier which stretches hundreds of metres out to sea and proudly showcases a well appointed amusement centre, wonderfully catering for kids and grown-ups alike.

The first sign of infrastructure in Weston is the Worlebury camp which dates back to the Iron Age and is still visible today. Early in the 19th century, this now vibey town was a village of about 30 houses which sat behind a row of sand dunes; the dunes were created as sea wall in precaution of a repeat of the infamous British Channel floods of 1607. The many restaurants, bistros and cafes that are located in Weston super Mare are blessed by the fact that most of their buildings date back hundreds of years creating an ancient ambience, a place none more so than the Old Thatch Cottage Restaurant which dates back to 1774.

The never ending beaches in Weston are fantastic for any beach activities including donkey rides, volleyball and 4x4 driving further along the beach. These fantastic sandy shores are tastefully utilised by the locals and governing bodies creating one of the most sought after beach music festivals, T4 on the Beach. Thousands upon thousands of music lovers flock to Weston during these summer months to watch some of the universe's most popular bands, DJ's and musicians. The annual Motocross Enduro which is held in October draws over 1400 competitors is held on the Weston beachfront , this event sits high on the this sports calendar of the year. The world's largest helicopter collection is found in the area boasting all helicopters since the invention of this incredible rotary aircraft.

The many tourist attractions do exactly as aimed; they attract tourists in their thousands. All visitors are completely provided for in the Weston Super Mare guest houses, as these accommodations offer first class services coupled with maximum comfort in the superb amenities and facilities.

Single, double, twin and family suites are available each presenting large plasma screen televisions, high speed wireless internet and tea and coffee making facilities. The suites are soaked with sunlight which pours in through the large bay windows giving the room a fresh, healthy and comfy ambience, these windows present stellar views across the fascinating surrounds. Large beds with high cotton count linens are draped across the beds providing a platform of utter comfort.

En suite bathrooms are located in the suites, all carrying the same high level of elegance with deep baths, walk in showers and vanity cases stocked with fresh towels, complementary bath products including sensual soaps and salts, cosy dressing gowns and slippers are located within the closets.

A wonderful and innovative menu awaits the guest in the fine signature restaurant located on the premise. These intimate spaces are superbly furnished creating a scene of serenity, not unlike something from the pages of a glossy magazine.

This area is both a playground for kids and adults as each will find amusement in the local surrounds and extensive lists of activities. The Weston super Mare Guest Houses have an advantage over most of the UK's guest houses as this area has been attracting tourists for centuries so they understand the tourists wants, needs and desires.